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1 UX Designer
1 Project Manager
4 Developers
1 QA


Overall: 10+ months
Discovery & Research: 4+ weeks
Design & testing: 8 weeks

Problem Statement

Transportation agencies face challenges in efficiently collecting and analyzing intersection data for optimizing traffic flow. Traditional methods involve cumbersome, temporary data collection efforts, leading to inefficiencies in decision-making and planning.


VantageLive!™ - Automate and simplify intersection data management for the transportation agencies, so that they can visualize traffic conditions in real-time, plan and make data-driven decisions seamlessly, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of urban mobility planning.

VantageLive!™ is a groundbreaking web-based data service simplifying the presentation of turning movement count data. It automates the collection and analysis of vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian data at intersections.

Key Features:
Cloud-Based Infrastructure: Real-time updates without user intervention.
Vantage Data Engine: Secure data transfer from Iteris Vantage platforms.
User-Friendly Interface: Accessible via web browsers for various agency personnel.


Empower transportation agencies with an intuitive and automated solution that replaces traditional, resource-intensive data collection methods, leading to informed decision-making.

Design Process
  1. Research and Discovery:
    Conducted stakeholder interviews to understand pain points in current data collection methods.
    Researched existing intersection data management tools and their limitations.

  2. Ideation and Prototyping:
    Collaborated with traffic engineers, planners, and other stakeholders to ideate features and functionalities.
    Prototyped user interfaces, focusing on simplicity and clarity.

  3. User Testing:
    Conducted iterative usability testing sessions to gather feedback on prototypes.
    Incorporated user feedback to refine the interface for enhanced user experience.

  4. Development and Implementation:
    Collaborated with development teams to ensure seamless integration with Iteris Vantage platforms.
    Prioritized security measures to protect sensitive intersection data.

  5. Iterative Improvement:
    Continuously gathered user feedback post-launch.
    Implemented updates and enhancements to address evolving user needs and technology advancements.

white printer paper on white table
white printer paper on white table
Brainstorm / Ideas / Sketches
Dashboard view on Desktop
Analytics view on Desktop
Logo, Icons, Markers
Map, System status, Vehicles volume, Modes of transportation (Vehicle, Bicycle, Pedestrians) at intersection.
Vehicles, Bicycles, Pedestrians, Approach Speed, Percentage of each modes at intersection.
System Communication Status
Green indicates active, and gray indicates inactive status at intersections.
Analytics view on Phone
Key Takeaways
  1. User-Centric Design: Prioritized simplicity and ease of use to cater to a diverse range of agency personnel.

  2. Automation for Efficiency: Streamlined data collection and analysis, reducing the reliance on labor-intensive processes.

  3. Collaborative Development: Fostered collaboration with stakeholders and development teams for a holistic and effective solution.

  4. Security First: Ensured robust security measures to protect sensitive intersection data.

  5. Continuous Improvement: Acknowledged the dynamic nature of transportation planning, implementing updates to meet evolving needs.


VantageLive!™ stands as a testament to the transformative power of user-centered design and technology in optimizing intersection data management. By automating and simplifying the process, it empowers agencies to make data-driven decisions seamlessly, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of urban mobility planning.