My Role


Enlighted Where


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2 UX Designer
1 Project Manager
4 Developers
1 QA


Overall: 6+ months
Discovery & Research: 2+ weeks
Design & testing: 6 weeks

Problem Statement

Enterprises face challenges in efficiently tracking and managing the movement of assets and people within large-scale facilities. Existing solutions lack simplicity and often fall short in providing real-time, accurate location data for comprehensive analytics.


Enlighted Where - Enterprise-Scale Asset Tracking Reimagined

The Enlighted Where application introduces a robust system for tracking assets and people within the Enlighted sensor network, seamlessly integrating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon messages for precise location identification.

Key Features:
Real-Time Location Data: Icons on facility maps display the live location of assets.
Utilization and Workflow Analytics: Data logging for insightful analytics.
Intuitive Search and Navigation: Effortlessly locate items based on name or category.


Empower enterprises with a simple yet powerful tool for tracking and managing assets on a global scale. Provide real-time insights into asset location, utilization, and workflow analytics to enhance operational efficiency.

Design Process

  1. User Research:
    Conducted interviews with enterprise stakeholders to understand pain points in asset tracking.
    Researched existing solutions and identified areas for improvement.

  2. Ideation and Prototyping:
    Collaborated with users to ideate features, emphasizing simplicity and real-time functionality.
    Prototyped interfaces for seamless navigation and clear data visualization.

  3. Iterative User Testing:
    Conducted iterative testing sessions to gather feedback on prototypes.
    Refined user interfaces based on feedback, prioritizing user-friendliness.

  4. Integration and Implementation:
    Worked closely with development teams to ensure smooth integration with the Enlighted sensor network.
    Focused on optimizing BLE beacon messages for accuracy and speed.



Key Takeaways

  1. User-Centric Design: Prioritized user experience to create an intuitive interface for both novice and experienced users.

  2. Real-Time Analytics for Informed Decisions: Enabled enterprises to make data-driven decisions through real-time location data and analytics.

  3. Seamless Integration: Collaborated closely with development teams for a seamless integration with the existing Enlighted sensor network.

  4. Accessibility and Scalability: Designed an application capable of accommodating the needs of a single facility or a global organization.

  5. Continuous Improvement: Recognized the dynamic nature of enterprise needs, implementing updates to enhance functionality and address emerging challenges.


Enlighted Where redefines asset tracking at an enterprise scale, offering a user-friendly experience coupled with real-time insights. By combining cutting-edge technology with a focus on user needs, it serves as a transformative solution for enterprises seeking efficient and comprehensive asset management.